Detailed chats ten step differential" inferior auto parts" method

In the automotive vehicles that mainstream society, automotive parts quality is crucial. The following for you to prepare several methods, which can be used for reference.
Data shows, in recent 3 years, the traffic accidents, due to the use of fake spare parts13%. To master some fake car accessories product differential knowledge, engaged in auto driving or operating parts of people, very necessary.
1, look at the packaging. Original factory parts packaging general standard, standard specifications, printing clear formal, and counterfeit products packaging printing relatively poor, often can easily from the package to find flaws.
2, look at the color. Some of the original factory parts surface designating certain colors, in case of other colors, is a fake spare parts.
3, look. Original factory parts surface printing or typecasting and marking a clear, formal, and counterfeit products rough appearance.
4, see paint. Unscrupulous merchants will be waste parts by the simple processing, such as open, outfit, together, together, painting, processing, and then as qualified products, illegal profits.
5, look at the texture. Original factory parts material is according to design requirements of the qualified materials, fake products is the use of cheap inferior material substitution.
6, look at the process. Inferior product appearance sometimes is good, but because the production process is poor, prone to cracking, sand hole, slag, burr or bruised. Cylinder head gasket extrusion deformation, when in use, easy to cause the sealing and ablation, lead to leakage, air leakage and water leakage phenomenon; piston and piston ring cylinder working surface burr easily.
7, look at the store. Auto parts if appear dry, oxidation, color or ageing, may be stored in poor environment, long storage time, the material itself difference causes.
8, look at the junction. If the clutch rivet looseness, brake pipe degumming, electrical parts joint desoldering, filter paper joints off phenomenon, it can not be used.
9, see the sign. Some regular parts marked with some mark, such as gear mark, at the top of the piston marking assembly mark, to ensure that the parts properly installed, no can not buy.
10, look at this. A formal assembly components must be complete, to ensure the smooth installation and normal operation. Some assembly of individual small parts assembling, is generally " smuggled goods", the difficult to install. Often because of individual small parts shortage, caused the entire assembly component scrap.

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