" Bearing" technology as well as used in the automobile industry

Bearing from the working principle can be divided into the rolling bearing and the sliding bearing, rolling bearing during working is rolling friction pair, and the sliding bearing during working is sliding friction pair, which determines the rolling bearing and the sliding bearing friction coefficient difference of at least ten orders of magnitude above; at certain load, speed and no lubrication conditions, rolling friction coefficient of bearing size depends on the ball, bearings inside and outside the ring and manufacturing precision between clearance, the friction force and the bearing material itself has no direct relation, rolling bearings generally need regular additional lubricant; and in the same load and speed and without lubrication conditions, the sliding bearing friction coefficient depends on the size of the bearing material itself self-lubricating performance, because the sliding bearing material itself has a good self-lubricating performance, can not gas or less filling long-term work; the sliding bearing has realized the bearing self-lubricating sliding bearing technology, can realize self-lubrication maintenance-free determines the characteristics of sliding bearing more and more by the engineering design by.
Sliding bearing used in automotive industry technology
As the sliding bearing superior performance from the run, in the automobile industry has been fully embodied the Chinese CSB; sliding bearing applied to almost every car manufacturer; especially the polymer plastic sliding bearing in automobile application has become increasingly widespread, it can be applied to the various parts of the car: from the most simple car door hinge system to the mechanical structure complex, demanding components, such as: automotive steering system steering gear to the drive system of the shifter. In addition to having excellent mechanical properties and lubrication free, stem operational advantages, engineering plastic sliding bearing is also a very low price. Relative to the PTFE coating metal sliding bearing, CSB polymer plastic sliding bearing can be a maximum of50% cheaper.
Sliding bearings in automotive door hinge system application
Automobile door hinge system adopts CSB-EP3 enhanced series of plastic sliding bearing, overcomes the metal sliding bearing caused by rust pull force increases or noise phenomenon, and is opened and closed the car door or the trunk lid is no flash card dead phenomenon.
Sliding bearing in automobile suspension system
Automobile shock absorber system used in sliding bearing either from the wear resistance, shock resistance ability and the fitting accuracy requirements are very strict; if the sliding bearing wear resistance is poor then leads to the outside ring wear ring failure caused increased hydraulic oil leakage, shock absorbing function failure; CSB-40composite bearing ( DP4 material ) completely received the harsh conditions of the challenge, successfully used in a variety of automotive shock absorber.
Plain bearings in automotive steering system
Vehicle steering system adopts CSB-RPM4support sleeve, making the car in the steering process of steering wheel running smoothly, even in the condition of the road surface is very bad situations can ensure the normal operation of the steering system. CSB-RPM4 excellent wear resistance and shock absorption in the automobile steering system is validated.
Sliding bearing in automobile braking system
High performance polymer CSB-EP4 plastic bearings in automotive braking system application make drive personnel during the braking process is relatively stable, even in emergency situations can also realize the fast and stable brake; whether the car is in steady steering or turning in emergency circumstances can ensure effective braking; EP4 material of high hardness wear resistance and long service life can be obtained, which most if due to high performance lubricant and functional fibers to join in this material.
Sliding bearing in automobile seat regulating system application
As for the vehicle seat system of sheet metal material or punching hole, as well as the cold rolling steel plate generally have large size tolerance, however, in the seating system that requires minimal space so as to minimize the noise. In order to solve this contradiction, CSB company production and provide CSB-EP series engineering plastic sliding bearing are now increasingly being used.
Sliding bearings in automotive transmission system application
Automobile transmission gear CVT system not only requested to ensure that during use the joystick in the process of shifting the successful implementation of gear shifting process, and more stable and comfortable; CSB-EP series of engineering plastics bearings due to its excellent wear resistance and impact resistance are applied to the system.

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