The 2012China ( Ji'nan) International Auto Parts Expo

New Ji'nan 2012spare parts Exhibition
China is now the world's third largest auto producer and second largest automobile consumption country, while the Shandong province is China's eastern coastal economy as big province, in recent years of rapid development, Shandong car manufacturing industry catch up from behind, has become the one of seven industrial chain. Shandong auto sales in the forefront of the country, Shandong province has become the new Chinese car industry manufacturing base. Shandong supplies around the car industry and related industries to flourish, automotive supplies wholesale market is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, have considerable size, has been formed to Ji'nan as the center of radiation of sixteen cities in Shandong and neighboring Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Tianjin Trading center.
The exhibition will exhibit, and com., forum, exhibition area of more than 4square meters. Emphasis focuses on the truck, special vehicle, new energy vehicles, buses, school buses, cars and related spare parts, repair auto maintenance equipment, automotive supplies and other products. The exhibition is held " China Auto Industry Development Summit Forum" and so on more than 20field supporting activities.
In 2012 China ( Shandong) International Auto Parts Expo is in accordance with the internationalization, specialization, commercialize a principle only held in Shandong international auto parts expo. The Expo will provide Chinese and international auto parts industry to provide all-round display, purchase, exchange, cooperation platform.
Organization of buyers
International and domestic professional buyers organization
In order to assure the effectiveness, the organizing committee will organize all kinds of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers Qingli, distributors; all kinds of auto parts manufacturers, distributors, buyers, traders; all types of car repair detection equipment manufacturers, distributors; various types of car sales, repair, modification, maintenance and other institutions; all kinds of automotive after market services, distribution network; various types of automotive related government agencies, associations, universities, research institutes and other sectors of the professional visitors, AC. Is expected to trade the audience will amount to 30000 person-time.
Display content
Auto parts: engine system, land system, braking system, driving system, steering system, body and parts system, electronic system, exhaust system, tire;
Automotive repair and maintenance equipment and supplies: repair detection and diagnosis equipment, cleaning and maintenance equipment and lubricants, optical film, cleaning agent;
Automotive new energy technology : vehicle bus and the control system, a variety of battery management system, motor control system, the charging device; the energy storage device, energy management systems, electric cars and other alternative energy sources automobile components and parts assembly;

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