About Jinhua

       Established in 1997, Changshu Jinhua Machinery Co.,ltd. possesses a floor space of 30000 square meters. The company has a registered capital of 10 millions Yuan and 320 employees.     The main products of our company is automobile parts, which relate to hydraulic steering,electrical power steering,braking system,reduction gearbox and etc.. The core technology of our company is “precise extrusion”.In normal temperature, the material (ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal) would be put into the die cavity with certain pressure been exerted on, which enables the material to be transformed into parts with required shape,size and precision.This technology could replace mechanical processing and fulfill the tasks which could not be accomplished by mechanical processing. The comprehensive mechanical performance and material utilization of parts processed by “precise extrusion”is 30% better than those processed by mechanical processing. The size dispersion,roughness and processing effectiveness have seen tremendous improvements. “precise extrusion” can process cup shells,hollow parts,rectangle inner and outer splines,involute inner and outer splines,asymmetric shafts, valve discs and gears. Our company is the leading enterprise in the market segment of “precise extrusion”.    The major clients of our company include international and domestic famous enterprises like Bosch,ZF,Nexteer,Knorr-bremse,Fuxin Dare Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.and etc..       In 2014,the production of hydraulic steering shafts and electrical power steering shafts reached 5.46 million pieces with a domestic market share of 40%.In 2015, the planned production will be increased to 6.5 million pieces.The company has 300 production equipment which contains 83% of digital equipment, Also, our company owns a full set of test equipment of machinery industry, including LCD hydraulic universal testing machines,spectrometers,CMMs,imagers,corrugation meters,contourgraphs,roughometers, Vickers hardness testers,superficial Rockwell hardness testers ,metallographic examination and etc.        In order to enhance the competitiveness,our company will spend 2 years and 10 million Yuan on equipment update to realize automatic component processing.with arbitrary shapes, solid parts, hollow parts, cup-like-shape parts and so on. Precision, roughness of surface, size dispersity and general machinery capability of parts which are processed by squeezing is much more strengthened than being machined.       In October of 2014,the science and technology society of Jinhua had been founded.
       Jinhua machinery development process
1997, Changshu Jinhua Mechanical Co..Ltd. Was founded.
2000, OTS sample piece was provided to Nanjing Jincheng Co..Ltd..
2001, authenticated by ISO9000 standard, started cooperation with ZF(Nanjing).
2002, limited production of pump shafts.
2003, mass production of pump shafts.
2006, annual production of shafts reached 1.5 million pieces.
2007, started cooperation with Knorr-bremse(Dalian).
2008, authenticated by TS/16949 standard, started cooperation with ZF(Hangzhou).
2009, started cooperation with Delphi(Suzhou), annual production of shafts reached 2 million pieces.
2011, annual production of shafts reached 3.5 million pieces.
2012, started cooperation with ZF(Shanghai). Annual production of shafts reached 4 million pieces.
2013, annual production of shafts (electrical power steering shafts) was maintained as 4 million pieces.
2014, annual production of automobile steering shafts reached 5.46 million pieces.